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Campana National Park

Chicá and other surrounding agricultural communities are only minutes from the 12,000 acre, Campana National Park (elevation 1,300-3,300 ft).  A moderate climate in this higher region promotes a great hiking experience on many trails where you can observe beautiful Flora such as orchids and bromeliads.  The Fauna that can be seen in this park are composed of monkeys, sloth, wild pigs (or saínos), more than 268 different bird species and many reptiles. Indigenous to this area, the endangered 'golden frogs' are considered locally as a natural jewel.  This park protects a humid tropical forest growing on mountains of volcanic origin and contains two important watersheds and rivers that are vital for the water supply of the Panama Canal.


flowersWhite faced Capuchin Monkey


From the highest points of the park visitors can enjoy commanding vistas of the Canal Basin as well as Chame Point with its complex ecosystem of mangroves. Further out beyond the coastline, against the deep blue background of the Pacific Ocean are the Islands of Taboga, Otoque and Taborcillo otherwise known as ‘John Wayne Island’.




The Park has an administration office and a research lodge. For more information you can contact the National Environment Authority ( 'ANAM' by its Spanish initials ) Distrito de Chame, Provincia de Panamá.